Get rewarded by watching videos!

Earn rewards just from watching videos on your computer, phone, or tablet, it's that simple!

Video wall demo What is
We're a reward site, that rewards you just for watching videos on our site! No purchase required.
Refer other members to the site and earn even more with our 10 level deep referral system that will reward you for each active referral.

How does it work?
You can use our website on up to 3 devices per household. You can rewards from each device you have viewing video on our site. These rewards can quickly add up over time while you watch!

So how do I start?
Simply sign up for an account, and turn on our video wall. You will automatically be credited after each 3 videos you watch. Once you earn enough Reward Points you can exchange them for PayPal or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It's that easy!