Site is back up for now, but signup is not allowed yet as we have no way for users to earn. You can request a password reset to access your existing accounts.
Posted by - Admin on 2019-03-04
Details of the notificationsWe have a new video wall that is up providing videos. They are called Video Loyalty. We've done some testing and have added the wall live to the site. Let us know your experiences on the subreddit:
Posted by - Admin on 2018-09-26
Some kind of issue has came up with AdscendMedia. What must be an error in their system seems to have flagged and it is not allowing this website access to their system. We trying to reach them as to a response why but they have not gotten back to me in a couple days. We hope to have a response asap for our users.
Posted by - Admin on 2018-06-14
If you use Google Chrome then they are implementing some changes on their browser which may affect your ability to earn when watching videos. The new update (Version 64) automatically disables a feature called AutoPlay. Autoplay is critical to allowing things such as ads to play when watching videos, so hopefully you can see why is important for you to have it enabled. You can see which version of Chrome you have by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of the browser then go Help then click on About Google Chrome.
Posted by - Admin on 2018-02-09
To reduce confusion, and due to a another recent change in regulations, we have set our "Hundreds of a Point" back to being called "Cents", and our "Reward Point" back to being called "USD". This should make it a lot more simple for everyone. The site has not changed in any way, just naming conventions. We are also noticing a return of advertisements, so earnings should be improving each day on the site!
Posted by - Admin on 2018-02-06
We've completed the updates on our payment system, so payments should be going out a lot more smoothly for now on! Earnings are still a little low on the video walls but it will start catching up again soon. Be sure to try different videos till you start to get some ads.
Posted by - Admin on 2018-01-30
Given that we are at the start of the new year, there are less advertisers than normal which can cause less rewards for users. Don’t worry as this will go back to normal in a few weeks and will continue improving week by week from here. In the meantime, users can typically earn more on Chrome via a desktop or laptop computer. In addition, sometimes users can begin earning more rewards just by changing to a different channel.
Posted by - Admin on 2018-01-08
There seems to be some issue with the ads on the video providers end. They are working on resolving it quickly. Please check back in a couple days and earnings should be much better. Sadly this issue is not on our end so we cannot do anything to resolve it.
Posted by - Admin on 2018-01-06
We have had to make some changes to the site due to recent regulations put in place by our video provider. The site no longer rewards you directly with Cash, or 'cents' for watching video. Instead, you are now awarded Reward Points rather than cents. These Reward Points can be redeemed for PayPal and Bitcoin Cash, just like the old 'cents' were able to be. However, now you are redeeming your Reward Points for a financial reward, rather than simply withdrawing your cash earnings as it was prior. If this is confusing to you, do not worry. You may continue to use the site exactly as before without any issues.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-11-27
Starting on November 13th, we will remove the option for Bitcoin Payout and instead all payouts will be processed only in Bitcoin Cash. Make sure not to request expecting bitcoin as we will be sending Bitcoin Cash only. All requests up to the 13th will be paid out in Bitcoin. For more info on Bitcoin Cash, check out:
Posted by - Admin on 2017-11-11
I want to tell you about a great tool that I have been using for several months and that is used by some names you’ll probably recognize (AirBNB, theChive, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss). It’s called Sumo, a set of tools that help automate your business’s growth. What I love about this tool is it is something that is used by some of the biggest sites on the internet, but is also easy to use and accessible for people like me and you. Personally, I recommend you start with using their List Builder. It’s a phenomenal way to grow your email list and the painless install takes less than a minute. How cool is that? Check out Sumo here (I recommend the Small plan to start with)
Posted by - Admin on 2017-11-07
Tis' the season for rewards! Earn 10% more with November 3rd to November 9th!
Posted by - Admin on 2017-11-03
The promotional bonus of 10% extra payout is now over. While initially suppose to run for 1 month, we decided to extend it further but are now setting payout to the normal rate.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-10-21
This month's advertised affiliate program is QoinPro. Visit it from the link on the dashboard. QoinPro awards you free bitcoin daily, among many other Cryptocurrencies. No signup cost, nothing. After checking back onto the site after a few years, I discovered I had several hundred USD worth of bitcoin saved up. At no cost it doesn't hurt to sign up and forget it for the future.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-10-03
Funds have been acquired and payment is back schedule. Payments will be sent out every 48 hours.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-09-25
We are out of fiat funds at the moment and are converting Bitcoin over to PayPal. In the meantime, PayPal payouts will be on a temporary hold until we have funds available. All requested payouts will be fulfilled and sent out when funds arrive. This hold should be just for about a week while funds transfer. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Feel free to continue earning, all earnings will be paid.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-09-24 will now automatically link your account with this site and their site by simply logging into this website. After doing so you will automatically be able to link your account to to earn from their mobile app with just a click of a button. We have removed the section that previously showed your ID and replaced with a monthly affiliate advertisement. We will recommend a site once a month and advertise it in that slot. This month we recommend you sign up to MinerGate to maximize your profits while using the video wall. Just make sure to set the intensity low so it doesn't freeze the videos.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-09-03
For the time being, withdrawals in Bitcoin may take more than 48 hours to send out. We are waiting at least 5 members to place a Bitcoin withdrawal at a time before sending to avoid paying the extremely high fee at the moment. This wait will be gone once when more users withdrawal in Bitcoin daily, or when the fee lowers. apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-08-23
The site is fully launched, referral earnings are now displayed, we are a linked partner with, site membership has doubled in the last 3 days, and many user payments are going out daily. Things are going well at
Posted by - Admin on 2017-08-05
Site referral earning is now being logged and is set to be displayed tomorrow. Sorry for any delay! Keep in mind you've been earning from referrals since day one, we just didn't log and display it yet as we had to optimize it for 10 levels.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-07-31
Referral earnings are still not yet displayed. You are earning from them but it will not update yet. Earnings from referrals will display starting on the 1st August. We are working on optimizing the tracking, as it is a lot info to update constantly for all 10 levels. Sorry for the delay on this feature.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-07-27
We now are officially a linked partner with EngageMe.TV, that means you can use their app by the same name from the appstore and view videos by linking your account to be credited on this site automatically without even visiting the website! It's great for phones so you can turn it on when you're on the go, or too lazy to open up the site and log in. When linking your account be sure to use your EngageMe.TV ID and not your site username.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-07-27
We are fully live! The site is out of launch mode and earnings have been increased by 10% for the next 30 days! We have a new index page that is properly incorporated into the website, and a mobile app will be coming very soon as well. We also expect to be added as a Linked Partner with very shortly, so you will be able to earn using their app as well when the time comes. Thank everyone who supported the site in it's prelaunch state! The site will keep improving as time goes on with your continued support, thank you and keep watching those videos! :)
Posted by - Admin on 2017-07-23
We will be in full launch mode very soon. Thank you to all the users who have participated in the prelaunch of the website! When we launch we will have a new homepage as well as be fully functional in regards to displaying referral earnings. Expect a bonus increase in earnings as well, as for the first month we will increase payout by 10% on all video ads!
Posted by - Admin on 2017-07-17
Congratulations to our users Thawthaw and foroughi for receiving the first payments from our system! You might have noticed that the ads are coming up a little slow at the moment, towards the end of the month typically has less advertisements to display, so earnings can slow down a bit. At the start of the month however the ads will all be refreshed, so you will be able to earn a lot more per hour than at the current time. Be sure to put the wall on before you go to bed so you can wake up to earnings!
Posted by - Admin on 2017-06-28
You can now earn on the videowall, as well as earn from referrals. 5% from direct referrals (level 1), 3% from level 2 referrals, and 1% from level 3 through level 10 referrals! Start watching videos and recruiting now! The Downline/Earning page currently does not display earnings from each member you refer yet, but you will still earn from them even though this information is not yet displayed.
Posted by - Admin on 2017-06-21
The site is in prelaunch stage as we get everything set up with the VideoWall and the affiliate system so the video wall rewards up all the tiers. In the meantime you can start recruiting members early to build your downline!
Posted by - Admin on 2017-06-17