FAQ | Got questions about CashVid.io?

Our goal at CashVid.io is the same as your goal - to help reward you as much from watching videos as possible! Therefore, below we've listed the best ways to earn more with CashVid.io, as well as some practices that could lead to your account being blocked, banned, or suspended. Here are the CashVid.io Do's and Don'ts:

Things You Definitely DON'T Want to Do
(surefire ways to earn absolutely nothing with CashVid.io and get into trouble)

  • Automatically Skip the Content: CashVid.io is meant to be used like television. Skip the content you don't like, but don't go beyond that.
  • Use an Autorefresher: Once upon a time, our video provider EngageMe.TV couldn't run as long, and so autorefreshers were used to watch longer. They are no longer necessary, and in at least four ways can hurt your earnings.
  • Run Any Sort of Script: Running scripts is against the rules and will get you banned.
  • Ignore Device Limits: Don't watch CashVid.io on more than 1 screen per device and more than 3 devices total per household. This includes a mix of mobile and desktop devices. Each device must also be associated with a unique viewer. We understand that you like to put it on smart TV's, so you can watch around the house, but currently you can only stream to 3 devices per household at a time.
  • Do Anything Else Meant to Game It

In general, don't be uncool... it's free.

Things You Definitely Want to Do
(ways to have a more enjoyable experience, earn more Rewards)

  • Take CashVid.io for a Test Drive: Look around and try out new channels and all available features. You might find videos you like even more, and may find more chances to earn!
  • Watch CashVid.io All the Time: You can’t earn if you don’t watch! Watch CashVid.io at home, while cleaning, at the beach, at the mall, while eating dinner, etc.
  • Skip Videos You Don't Like: We want you to actually enjoy watching, so don't waste your time with any videos that you aren't interested in.
  • Try the EngageMe.TV Mobile App: You definitely need to try the EngageMe.TV iOS app or the EngageMe.TV Android app.
  • Get the Full Experience: Maximize your screen size and turn up the volume to get more ads and fully enjoy the content.
  • Don't Get in a Channel Rut: Not seeing many ads, try switching channels!
  • Chrome is Actually Gold: If watching CashVid.io on desktop, make sure to always use Google Chrome, you may get more ads and will have the best viewing experience.
  • Tell Your Friends: The more you support us by sharing CashVid.io with your friends, the more content and new features we can add. So, don't be shy!
What can I do with my Reward Points?
You can exchange your Reward Points for either Bitcoin Cash or PayPal. Simply set your PayPal email/Bitcoin Address on the profile page when logged in. You can exchange each 1 Reward Point for 1 USD. Rewards are sent out within 48 hours.
Why am I am not getting credited after ad views?
Make sure to have adblock disabled, and enable flash on your browser. View a video displaying how to enable flash. Also, sometimes near the end of the month the amount of advertisements can dwindle, so some issues may occur with the player, keep trying different channels and when you are rewarded after the first advertisment that plays before the first video, you're good to go.
Can I use this site if my country is not listed on the signup page?
If your country is not listed on the signup page you may not use the website. We currently only support the countries listed on the signup page. Do not attempt to bypass this restriction.
Does this site have a forum?
We are using Reddit for our online community. Feel free to discuss the site or request support on our subreddit.
How does the referral system work?
CashVid.io has a 10 level referral system. Direct referrals (level 1 referrals) earn you 5% of their Reward Points. Your level 2 referrals (users referred by your level 1 referrals) earn you 3% of their Reward Points, and level 3 through 10 pay you 1% of the users Reward Points. Referring even a single good referrer could net you hundreds of referrals with referral income.